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Adrian’s former clients and employers include:

Ad-Em Innovations

Airports UK Ltd.

Arborgreen Landscape Products

Avtech Ltd.

Bel Digital Audio Ltd.

Beran Instruments Ltd.

Civil Aviation Authority

CS Automation

Derritron Electronics

Electricity Research and Development Centre

Electronic Brokers Ltd.

Eurosonic Studios - Madrid, Spain

GAS Electronic Systems


Ghyllside Manufacturing Ltd.

Greenpeace Communications Ltd.

GreenBlue Urban Ltd.

IGE Medical Systems Ltd.

Independent Television News

Johnson Matthey PLC.


Kinley Systems

Livewire Digital Lid.

Logic Street & Park Scene

Michael Stevens and Partners Ltd.


Ministry of Defence

Naked Energy

Obsidian Audio

PES Ltd.

RMC Ltd.

Royal College of Surgeons of England

Institute of Child Health

Soil & Land Consultants Ltd.

Surrey Medical Imaging Systems Ltd.

Tiphook PLC.

University of Wales

WMS Brakes