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Solid Developments is, unashamedly, a small consultancy, but we have access to a wide range of external services and support, courtesy of the contacts and associates that we have built up whilst working within the industry over the years. If we can’t do it in-house, we probably already know someone who can. We can therefore provide a comprehensive solution to most customers’ requirements.

Services and particular expertise we provide, or have access to, include:

Extruded case shown courtesy of

Lincoln Binns Ltd.

Electronic design and systems engineering:

Audio signal processing

High power audio amplifiers

Power supplies

Video electronics

DSP design


19" rack and sub-rack design

Software & firmware

Technical writing

And much more …….


Pattern/mould making

Rapid prototyping/3D printing

Vacuum forming/moulding

Precision sheet metalwork (CNC punch/laser/water-cut)

Machining (metal & plastic)

Casting (aluminium, bronze & cast/ductile Iron)

Extrusions (aluminium & plastic)

Plastics (sheet, tube, foam, composite and moulding)

Specialist joinery (consoles etc.)

Welding (including stainless-steel and aluminium)

Electroplating, anodising & phosphate coating

Wet spray painting & powder-coat

Engraving & silk-screening

Membrane panels and labels

PCB production, assembly & wiring

Subcontract manufacturing

Electronic systems installation